'Jessica (i)'

'Jessica ((i) Contre Jour in Double Re-reverse'. Oil h40"x36" 2021 £6,250

'The Corn Law Rhymer' Oil h36"x36" 2021

'The Corn Law Rhymer' (Kirk Bramwith). Oil on gesso primed wooden panel. h36"x36" (unframed size). 2021 £p.o.a

SOLD prints available upon request

'Before Smeatons Pier, St Ives No.2' Oil on gesso primed wooden panel. h36"x36" signed/dated verso Aug 2019 £2,250 SOLD (Prints are available upon request at any standard size).

'Work in progress' Oct 2019

W.I.P 'Moon, Baytown No.7 (Headland through nightforest, on the Road to the Blue Dolphin Hotel)' Oil on gesso primed wooden panel. h36"x36" (unframed size) Oct 2019 £2,250

'Across to Marazion from...

'Across to Marazion from the Battery Rocks at Penzance (Checking us out)' Oil on gesso primed wooden panel h48"x48" (framed size) 2018 £2,250 SOLD at artists studio wholesale price.

'After Rain, Before Rain, Grasmere'.

'Before Rain, After Rain, on the Road from Grasmere to Lake Wndermere, Cumbria' h48"x48" Oil on panel signed verso 2016 £2,250 SOLD Public collection of Millfield School, Somerset. Framed prints available from £120. Contact Atkinson Gallery, Somerset through their website or the Artist on Contacts page (above).


'On the road from Moreton-in-Marsh to Broadway, One day heatwave, Cotswolds' Oil on gesso primed wooden panel h48"x48" (framed size) 2017-18 £2,250


'Before Smeatons Pier, St Ives No.3'. Oil on gesso primed wooden panel. h40"x36" signed/dated verso Aug 2019 £2,250

'Under Brighton Pier No.2'.

'Bright Lights, Big City, Underneath Brighton Pier No.2'. Charcoal drawing made plein air. h45"x48" (framed, glazed, mounted size) 2017 £1,250 (Shortlisted for the Lynn Painter Stainers Prize London 2018)

'Underneath North Pier, Blackpool'

'Underneath North Pier, Blackpool (A walk along the rusty pier No.3)' Charcoal, collage drawing h45"x48" (framed, glazed, mounted size) 2017 £850

'Underneath Brighton Pier No

'Bright Lights, Big City, A Walk Along The Rusty Pier, Underneath Brighton Pier No.2 (Murder by the sea)'. Charcoal collage on board. h38"x48" (framed/mounted/glazed size). 2021 £p.o.a

Fear of The Dog

'Fear of The Dog, The Second Field' (from 'Field Sport Series). Mixed-media on canvas. h48"x48" 2012-15 £2,250 (framed in 4" plain white mount and 2" off-white frame. ABFAP#11

'Brue Farm...'

'Brue Farm, on the road from Glastonbury to Street, Somerset'. Mixed-media on panel h48"x48" (framed size) 2017 £2,250

'Smeatons Pier St Ives'

'Before Smeatons Pier No.1 St Ives, Cornwall' oil on gesso primed wooden panel h30"x36" 2018 £1,250

'Writing Art'

'Writing Art' (Notes from a dark lecture theatre No.2)

Glastonbury Tor

'Glastonbury Tor from the ("Helen it never rains in Somerset Allcock) Tennis Courts at Millfield School'. Oil on gesso prime wooden panel h48"x48" £2,250 SOLD (This painting now hangs next to an original Picasso in the collectors home in Somerset).

'Malvern Ridgeway Paean'

'A Paean to David Prentice, Malvern Ridgeway from Blacker Hill' Oil on gesso primed wooden panel h36"x36" 2017 £WI.P

'Across to Newlyn'

'Across to Newlyn, Nocturne, Cornwall' Oil on gesso primed wooden panel h36"x36" 2017 £2,250

'Across a Sheet of Water, Grasmere'.

'Across a Sheet of Water, Grasmere, Lake District'. Oil on gesso panel. h36"x36" 2016 £1,250

Twisted, Dancing Pines, Malvern

'Twisted, Dancing Pines, High Above West Malvern, Base of Jubilee Hill, Herefordshire'. Charcoal drawing. h45"x48" (framed size). 2016 £1,250

Glastonbury Tor from Dragons Willow

'Glastonbury Tor from Dragons Willow Farm'. Charcoal study for oil painting. h45"x48" (framed size) 2016-17 £850

Mining Landscape No

'Mining Landscape No.51, 1939 Cage Crash at Hatfield Main Elegy' h48"x48" Media: Snapped of toe of a tramps shoe, spoil, slag, coal, baggings, miners brass tag, plastic, shard of pit prop, brash and acrylic paints and homemade texture paste on gesso primed wooden panel. 2017 £2,250

Coal Mine Through Field & Gate

'Distant Coal Mine Through Field & Gate' Oil 2009 £1,250 SOLD (copies made to order) ABFAP#1

Before Smeatons Pier, St Ives

A small panel about light. Oil h8"x10" 2014 £450 SOLD copies can be made to order. ABFAP#5

'North Sea No.6' Oil on board h18"x20" 2018 £450 SOLD (Wholesale/Artists studio price).

'North Sea No.6' Oil on gesso primed wooden panel. h18"x20" (framed size) 2017 £250 SOLD

W.I.P 'Detail'

A detail of a larger painting that is leading into research toward a new series of paintings and drawings of the coastlines and gull studies.

Gull Study

'Gull Study, St Michaels Mont from Nr Kings Arms Marazion' Oil on gesso primed wooden panel h24"x24" 2012 £450 SOLD

'Gull Study'

'Study of Gull (Tales of the sea No.5)' Oil on engineers drawing paper h24"x24" 2018 £450

'Lou's Ophelia' £600 Oil SOLD

'Lou's Ophelia' SOLD

Study; Moon, Baytown No.6'

Hybrid form sculpture-painting dimnsions variable. £850

Study for 'Moon Baytown No

Study for 'Moon, Baytown No.6' Oil on gesso primed wooden panel in swindle tree frame. h22"x20"x5" approx £600

Study; 'Newlyn, Nocturne'

Hybrid form sculpture-painting. Dimensions variable. Apperture size h8"x10" £850


'Adjustments' (Model: 'Tawney Kay Loveday' Oil h24"x24"xd6" 2017 £850


'Erin' Oil on tiny panel within banister frame. h12"x12"xd5" 2002 £800 SOLD

Coal Mine Through Field & Gate No.1

Oil on canvas mounted in a frame fabricated from banister railings taken out of a nearby fire damaged public house destined for demolition. 2009 h20"x22" £750 SOLD (copies made to order) ABFAP#2

Lou's Ophelia

'Lou's Ophelia' Oil on panel h8"x10" (aperture size) 2014 £250 (unframed panel)£450 (within bespoke recycled frame). ABFAP#10

Twisted Dancing Trees (i)

'Twisted Dancing Tree's in a 'Dancing Frame'. Oil on panel, hybrid form 'sculpture-painting'. h8"x10" (aperture size), dimensions varaible (approx) h15"x18"xd5" £850

'Glade' (i)

'Glade (i)' Oil on yorkshire slab of stone in banister frame. h30"x36"xd6" 2003 £650 SOLD

'Twisted, Dancing Pines, Malvern'

'Bank of Twisted, Snapped, Dancing Pines. Mature, Veteran and Working Trees. Malvern Ridgeway, Herefordshire'. Graphite drawing. h45"x48" (frame size). 2016-17 £850

'Baytown from Smugglers Signal Chamber'

'Baytown from Smugglers Signal Chamber' Oil 2001 £450 SOLD

'Bristol Channell Nr Hinkley Point'

'Across to Minehead and Barry Island from The Bristol Channel, Tour of the Quantocks'. Acrylic h36"x36" 2017 £1 (gifted to picture framer for services rendered).

'Bristol Channel Hinkley Point'

'The Undercliff Nr Hinkley Point, Seven Scours Stone, Bristol Channel'. h48"X48" Acrylic 2017 £2,250 SOLD (Artists studio wholesale price).

'Untitled' After Collishaw (i)

'Untitled' (i) After a photograph by Dan Collishaw (i). Oil on panel, hybrid form 'sculpture-painting'. Aperture size h8"x10" dimensions variable (approx) h20"x26"xd8" 2013 £850

'Jessica (i) Contre jour in Double Re-re